A Check In – Fantasy Land

It’s been a good 2 or 3 months since I’ve wrote about Fantasy Land but all the while it’s been in my head a lot, especially at night time. I don’t know exactly how to put the following in to words so hopefully everything comes out in the right way, but if it doesn’t I guess it won’t be that bad since you won’t know what I was actually going to say – is it weird that I think about that a lot while writing?

Anyways, the question is “How have things been going over there in Fantasy Land?”. To answer that, things have been alright. And by alright I don’t mean good. Ciney still lives in her castle and everyone still looks up to her as if she was some sort of magical being, and all my best friends go there too. It’s just that for a while now, the fact of “Fantasy Land” being something that is completely made up has bothered me. This has made it difficult for me to spend my time there.

I know what you’re thinking, “Is Fantasy Land on it’s way out?!”. No, it is not and I hope it never comes to that… but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I almost shut down Fantasy Land for good. You see, some things will never join the world of reality because it simply goes against all that is right. There are no such things as little garden gnomes that build whole villages in seconds and there is no scary monster with no face and blonde hair. Those things are impossible and I that’s why I created Fantasy Land – so I could experience the impossible… but some things can happen in real life and I put them in Fantasy Land because me being me, wants them to happen.

There came a time not too too long ago that I almost couldn’t really handle it anymore. I wanted to shut down my own world because I was giving myself a taste of something quite possible that I thought might never happen.

In the end, I kept Fantasy Land alive – It’s almost as if I was granted a wish. This wish may lay there in space forever or it may come true. If I had my choice, I would make my wish come true… but I wouldn’t feel right in doing so if it helped me and didn’t really help another, but did something someone didn’t want instead. I know this may sound confusing to many but that’s okay because it’s supposed to. The wish is really only meant for the 1% and only time will tell if this wish will come true.

For now, Fantasy Land lives on and I will continue to visit it and enjoy the time I have there – for I may not always have it.


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