Dear Death

Dear Death,

Hi, I’ve never spoken to you before but I’m sure you know who I am – you know who all of us are. You sit there in the shadows and watch us, waiting for the perfect time to take our lives away. I guess I’m writing because I wonder how it all works. Why do you take some of us early? Why let some of us live and some of us die? Why do you let the rich, selfish, and cold hearted people live the wrong way and take the poor, selfless, and kind away from us? I guess that question in part should go to Life but I’ve already wrote to him.

Maybe you like being hated. Maybe in order for you to live, you bring death on to others. It’s kind of ironic isn’t it? Death, who takes life away from all others will live forever. You’re all talk… who are you to decide when others die when you won’t ever know what it’s like? It confuses me but then again, I guess you’re not completely bad. If there was no death at all, life wouldn’t have much meaning. You wouldn’t be pushed to do things before you die and there’d be nothing stopping you from not doing anything at all.

I have mixed feelings about you death and it really bothers me that I will never know when I’ll until the time actually comes. Just promise me this – please don’t take me before my life feels complete. I can promise you that if you allow me to see the people I want to see, do the things I want to do, and go where I’ve wanted to go, I will welcome you graciously for making me strive for those things. Thanks,

Tyler S.


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