Me (All of it)

“We were created to be real, not perfect.”

Hi, my name is Tyler Shanley and I’m 17 years old. I go to a medium sized high school in a very small sized town in Connecticut. What are my hopes and aspirations? Well, I think of it as a cake. The base of the cake, you know the part that nobody likes, represents my career goals. I want to be able to make a living off of music – wether it’s recording other people play or making music for them to sing or rap over. I am in love with music and have been for my whole life. I will be attending college in NY in the fall to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful music producer… and I know what you’re thinking. It’s very competitive and unless your in the top 20% of the trade, you will most likely be living pay check to pay check, just getting by. I realize this and have put a considerable amount of thought into wether or not I should pursue this dream of mine after all. I think most people would say it’s not going to happen and give up, but as much as it may not seem like it, I say otherwise. You see, I would be able to live with the fact that I failed, oh it would be hard for me yes… but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t even try to begin with, and that goes for everything else in my life.

The frosting represents pretty much everything else in my life. I could become the most successful music producer in the world (have the tastiest cake ever to be tasted), but would not be happy with just that cake. It’s the frosting that you see when you first look at the cake and it’s the frosting that everybody falls in love with. To me, the frosting is love and happiness (as cheesy as it sounds). As long as I live, I will want to reach that point where I found the person that I’m obsessed with and will never want to let go of. Hopefully this is the person that never lets go of me either. As long as I live, I will want to stay in touch with as much of my family as and as many of my friends as I can manage to keep in touch with. I want to bump in to old teachers of mine and see the smile on his or her face when they see that I had “made it” (even if I hadn’t exactly made it). Basically, I’m never going to be completely happy with my life if I don’t find that special someone or keep in touch with those close friends in my life – don’t ask why.

So that’s basically my cake… but only if you were to look at it through the bakery window. I want to put as much of “Me” in this post as I can, so let’s continue. Before I went to this medium sized high school, I went to elementary school in an even smaller town in Rhode Island and loved it. Back then, there weren’t really any worries. When my mom told me that there was such a thing as school, it was like being told that you were in fact going to heaven. When my mom dropped me and my brother off in our classroom during that very first day of school ever, we were the only ones who weren’t crying like we were being put up for adoption or something. Even though I was very young, I still remember that moment in perfect memory and will probably never forget it. I lived in Rhode Island until I was in the 1st grade and moved to where I live now. It’s kind of funny how things turned out – the very first kid I saw during my first day at my new school goes by the name of Aidan, and is still one of my best friends to this day… but when I first saw him, I remember thinking that this kid in particular was not going to be my friend at all. I wasn’t “hating” on him, I just thought he would be another kid in my class whom I would never speak to. Thank god I was wrong.

I went on to make more best friends until today, where I am left with 4 – Nick, Aidan, Josh, and my twin brother Nathan. During those years of elementary and middle school, I developed “crushes”. I was a very different person as a little kid. I didn’t give a damn if someone thought I was embarrassing myself, I just wanted to live for Tyler. I was nice to everyone but didn’t really care what people thought of me. I would go to this one pizza place with my grandparents, turn on the jukebox, and get up and dance in the middle of the whole store – it was like I lived in my own little world. Anyways, I had my first “girlfriend” in 4th grade, if you even want to call it that. I was in line during recess and a girl told me that her friend wanted a boyfriend and said that I was a good “candidate”. My insides warmed up and I said “absolutely!” to a girl that I didn’t even know all that well (now she is one of the best friends that’s also a girl that I have). I was such an outgoing person, and would have been with this girl too, had she not been given the title of my “girlfriend” in 4th grade. Something made my brain hesitate to say what I wanted just because of that title. Lets just say that my little 4th grade relationship didn’t last.

My first “real” relationship wasn’t until this past summer. It was with a girl that I feel is best to keep anonymous to those who don’t know me. I had one of the best summers of my life with this girl and wouldn’t change it for the world, even though things did not work out in the end. She ended up parting with me and obviously, it didn’t make me feel too good about myself. Yes, she said some things that still lurk in the back of my mind to this day but even with that said, we are all humans… so we all do things that maybe we shouldn’t have done.

Now I am here, typing away on my MacBook. This is the computer that I put whatever creativity I have in to. This is where my music is made, and this is where my mind gets put into words. What’s going on in the life I am currently living? I make music almost every day and love every minute spent doing it. I dig up the desire I once had to become a writer once in a while and put it on this website and I am currently crushing on a girl that I haven’t even met in person yet. What can I say? That’s who I am and this is who I’ll continue to be. Maybe I’ll end up changing in the long run… but I like to take those things one day at a time. For now, all I can do is live in the moment and let my future draw itself.


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