I was sitting in the movie theater with my friends tonight, watching another great movie starring and directed by Denzel Washington while I noticed a pair of elderly people sitting a few rows ahead of me. The movie theater was almost empty and these two people were the only ones sitting in front of where I was seated in the theater. For a few brief seconds my attention drifted away from the movie and to the couple right in front of me. There they were – both had white hair, old people sweaters on, and a single cup right in between them. These two people had a life of their own. Years of experience and struggles and heartbreaks and fun times and regrets and hope and laughter. There are so many “ands” in life. Each person in the world has their own unique experiences; as you are worrying about finals, someone else is worrying about a family member they just lost as another person is crying tears of joy after watching their first born pop into the world. This new born will grow up while being affected by each of the same feelings you are affected by today. So in this moment of realization at the theater, this is what I thought about. The ingredients to life.

LIFE being such a broad subject, there is only so much I can touch on in one post on WordPress, so I think it’s only right to write about the most important ingredients in my life. There is love, one of the most mysterious feelings in the world. It shows itself in many different ways. To me, you are showing a certain type of love when you give that one homeless man on the side of the street a dollar. You are showing a certain type of love when you finally get on one knee and propose to who you hope will be with you for the rest of your life. You are also showing love when you listen to somebody when they just need a person to talk to. If you let it, love can be the front seat driver of your life. It makes people do crazy things (some being things that never should have been done). Some people believe in love at first sight and others believe that love doesn’t exist at all. While writing this I caught myself searching what the definition of love was. It’s silly because I really don’t think there is a definition for love. So many times people say “you’re too young to know what love is” but I think love is whatever you perceive it to be. If you are currently feeling the strongest feelings you’ve ever felt for someone, you have every right to say it’s love. How could it not be if it’s the strongest you’ve ever felt towards someone. I’m not saying it’s happened to me, but it’s something that I look forward to very much.

After love, there IS also hope. Hope to me is essential in life. Without hope, I wouldn’t have tried to go for anything… ever. Hope is the morphine to all your problems. If there’s even the slightest possibility that something can happen, a small dosage of hope can get you through almost every situation – even if what you were hoping for never comes true. Unfortunately, I have found that this happens more often than it should. Life is full of ups and downs and things definitely don’t always work out. But if you use it correctly, hope can get you through the toughest of times, even the times when you know you’re hopes won’t come true. It’s just nice to know that there was a time when you made yourself believe it was all going to be alright.  Don’t ever think that hope is just trying to lie to you. Think about how much worse the times when your hopes were given up on you would be if you never had hope to begin with. Imagine if you didn’t have hope during those times when deep down you knew that it wasn’t going to happen. Sometimes life surprises you with a gift and makes what seemed impossible suddenly become a reality. Hope represents the “what ifs” in life. What if that person who you think will never accept you does? What if something you were totally against proves to be something wonderful that you want to embrace? Hope will show itself to you, even if you aren’t looking for it. This may not make sense to everyone, but it does to me.

What else is there? Depression. Life isn’t always exactly fun to live. Sometimes you go through stages of depression. When you do go through this, don’t feel like you’re alone. Like I wrote earlier, everyone in the world has their own unique experiences and worries. You are never the only person feeling like nothing is ever going to be okay again. Depression is that black void that everyone carries with them. It’s there with you even in the happiest of times, waiting for that one trigger – that one moment to attack. Once it strikes, it eats away at hope, love, dreams, etc. It makes you feel like the worn baseball glove that your dad used to play with when he was a kid. It makes you feel worthless and like everything in the world is against you. But it’s just doing it’s job. Unfortunately for depression, we have things like love and hope – things that you and your peers can provide for you. All you need to do is open up. Personally, when I’m feeling down I look myself in the mirror and say “look at yourself”. Kick yourself in the butt and promise to never give in. Keep fighting for what you believe in because if you fight hard enough it may just work out. Once you’ve beaten that first stage of depression in life you are forever prepared for when it decides to strike again. Just remember that if you just look, there’s always someone to talk to.

I’ve gone through 3 big ingredients in life. They may seem random but these are the things that are most relevant in my life right now. There are many other things relevant in my life right now such as trust, happiness, optimism, companionship, etc. These among many others are more like sub-categories in the topics I talked about. I guess if you really think about it, they’re all sub-categories to life. Truth is, for the most part life is filled with negatives. We see it like this because the taste of failure is way worse than victory tastes good. All it takes is a single moment for your world to come crashing down and it seems like you have to rebuild it one step at a time. If there is one thing I have learned at this very young age, it’s to go for it. Keep hope alive, search for love, and fight depression. Whatever it is you’re fighting for – a person, a career, an education (or all), try your hardest. Enjoy the GOOD times and try not to sweat the bad times too much – we all have them. Live in the moment…


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