Blog: A Fictional Story to be Written Out Like a Blog…

Hello again, I am back with another blog post and this time I think it’s something very special.

I was sitting down at my desk yesterday and had (what I thought was) an amazing idea. I tried writing a book a while back and could never get around to finishing it. Since then I have read a lot of fictional books that were not fantasy. I realized, a lot of good books that are written are written about things that didn’t go down in history, but could happen.

I have decided to write a story/book in the form of blog posts. It will be about a teenage boy who owns a blog and makes posts about the things that are going on in his life, except these things will not be normal. I am not quite sure what the conflict of the book will be about but I hope to make it an indirect/ read-between-the-lines style story. I want to start off writing about things that are horrific and mysterious but could happen nonetheless and maybe in the future veer off to reveal some fantasy aspects if I feel like it.

Think of the story like it is a TV series. People tune in once a week and watch a new episode of their favorite television show. That is how I want this story to work. The only difference is that this will be in words and will continue everyday (or most days) instead of once a week. I wish to hear feedback in the comment section about this idea and want to know if it is something that seems interesting. I hope to print out all the posts and put it in the form of a book once it is finished.

~Tyler Shanley


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