Paranormal, or Normal? 

I haven’t posted anything for a few months and I am hopefully back to stay. Over the past few months strange things have begun to happen to me. It isn’t the first time that these things have happened but it has been starting to get very wierd, so I decided to write my first post in a while about it. I hope you enjoy and please follow the blog to get updates whenever I post something!

As mentioned before, this is not the first time these strange occurrences have happened to me. I’ll take you back to the summer of 2015. It was just like any other night that summer… Except for what I saw. I was up late with my friends on Xbox like any other teenage boy at 1:30 AM. I was exhausted from the summer heat and the fact that I’d been up for about 17 hours. I had been playing for a few hours and decided to get off and go to bed. I shut off my tv and it was pitch black in the room until I turned my light off. I turned around to close my blinds and I saw it. A face staring back at me through the window. I was scared half to death. For a split second I thought it was an actual person on the other side of the window but my mind quickly made me realize I was on the second floor. It wasn’t a human but something else, something I still believe to be paranormal. I was paralyzed with fear when I realized it was a reflection coming from my room. The face was an old man. He didn’t look old enough to die of natural causes but more like a 50 year old man. He was bald and Caucasian. The face only remained in the window for about 5 seconds. I snapped out of it and didn’t know how to react so I punched the window (luckily it didn’t break). As soon as my fist made contact with the glass the face was gone. I was too tired to tell anyone so decided to sleep with a nightlight. 

As the days went on this experience faded from my mind as I began to enjoy my summer vacation again. It wasn’t until a few weeks into my junior year of high school that I had another experience. My dad was out on the deck reading and my mom and brother were both out doing something. I was sitting in my room with the door open texting my friends. I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name but I dismissed it when I remembered my dad was home. He must have been congested or something I thought. I went into my parents bedroom where I heard the voice from but my dad wasn’t in there. In fact the room was pitch black with nothing but an empty bed to be seen. I ran frantically around my house to see if it was indeed my dad who called my name but once I found him on the deck and asked him what he wanted he said he never called my name. At this point I was reminded with the encounter I had experienced a few months back. I waited until my mom and brother were home until I went back into my room. 

Since then I’ve heard more things and even seen some things. I’ve seen shadows moving in the corner of my eye at night, I wake up to something random falling off my desk which I clearly remember putting away from the edge, and sometimes I even feel things. I’ve actually felt something twice. Once at my house and once at my condo which I stay at for school some nights. On both occasions I had been lying down in bed peacefully until I feel and hear a slap on my arm as if something is trying to keep me from going to sleep. 

I’ve always thought of ghosts as being scary and dangerous beings that could hurt you and keep you from having a good time, while now that I’ve experienced things ( or at least it seems I have ) I don’t find it to be that dangerous at all. Yes, I still think it’s scary especially when something just happens to you. Nothing has happened to me for almost a month now and that fear is quickly fading. I still live my life normally but still close my blinds at night, half expecting to see a middle aged bald man staring back at me…
~Tyler Shanley


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