Update: This will be another short blog. I have been putting a lot of time in to my book lately and I am really enjoying writing it. That’s what really counts right? Why put in the time if you don’t like writing? Yes, I would love for it to be published when I am finished but I am far from that point, so I can only hope for the best! Enjoy.

Tonight I wanted to talk about not only school shootings but school lockdowns and shelters as well. You see school shootings far to much on the news these days. It is really sad. To me, it’s one of those things that people won’t  just stop doing. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to stop the recurring school shootings is to increase security and to report suspicious behavior no matter what. 

Yesterday I was eating lunch with my friends, going through our school day like we always do. I had just finished my lunch and was throwing it away when I heard what would be a regular bell signaling the classes to change. When I heard the first bell, I immediately thought it was wierd because lunch block hadn’t even been halfway over yet. Not even a second later I heard another one and then another after that. I was very confused at first and I could see that everyone else was too until I saw all the staff inside the cafeteria begin to hurry over to the lunchroom doors and lock them from the inside. I caught on and came to the realization that we were going into a lockdown. I was sort of panicking because of the fact that half of the cafeteria was glass. We have giant glass windows along half of the cafeteria and the doors entering the cafeteria were about 70% glass as well. The teachers came running in, screaming, “get back to your classrooms now!”. All hopes that it was just a drill were gone right then and there. For lack of a better term, I booked it to my classroom. As I was running down the hallway closer to my classroom there was almost nobody in the hall. I was half expecting a kid to come around the corner with a gun in his hand. 

When I saw that my teacher had opened the door for us to come back in, I sprinted as hard as I could until me and my friends were in the classroom. Keep in mind, our situation was a little more chaotic than others in the school because we were stuck in the lunchroom for a good amount of time with no clue what was going on until the teachers let us out. Once we were inside I calmed down a little knowing that I was a lot safer than I was 5 minutes ago. We all sat there in silence for about 20 minutes, left alone to our thoughts making up the worst case scenario. When I heard sirens I thought “Oh man, this is serious” and pretty much started shaking. Nobody in the school new why we were in lockdown but it had to be bad if there were multiple police cars pulling up to the school. 

We remained in lockdown from 11:30 to the end of school. An hour into the lockdown we recieved word that someone was threatening to kill themselves and others. The police were called because the school had to be searched for weapons. At one point a bomb squad van showed up at the school. The whole day was a nervous mess. Even though the situation wasn’t as bad as the school getting shot up, it could have been ten times worse. It just goes to show that in a normal highschool with no metal detecting security, it would be extremely easy for someone to bring a gun in their bag and terrorize everyone. 

Just remember to treat every situation likeas if it is the worst case scenario. You don’t want to be messing around in case someone really does have a gun. Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween. 

~Tyler On Paper


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