Something To Think About

Day 3 of blogging, 

Death. To most people death is their greatest fear. As much as I hate to admit it, I think of death more than I should. It’s just a scary topic to talk about. In this post I want to cover a few things. Why is death so scary, what happens after death, and from there I might branch off into something more deep and personal to me. 

So, why is death so scary? To me dying is scary because it is literally the ending of everything. All of your most treasured moments, loved ones, friends, dreams, and even yourself, might as well have never existed. It’s like life is just the journey to death. You go along and try to achieve all these things, find your true love, land your dream job, have the best moments with your friends. But what is it all for? How important is it really if the light at the end of the tunnel… is actually death, waiting to claim all of those things you have worked so hard on to achieve. I think that’s why I am afraid of death. It’s the end of everything and the start of nothing, for all eternity… or is it? 

The second part to this post is what really happens after death. The truth is, nobody really knows. It’s a mystery (which could also be why most people fear death over all things). You can believe what ever you want to believe, but I think there really is an “afterlife”. I can’t accept nor can I comprehend the fact that everything just stops after death. I have looked into too many things and even had personal experiences that tell me there is something after death. It goes from people that study the paranormal, to people that claim they have died, went to heaven, and came back to life again. There are people that claim they can contact spirits and find things out about other people that nobody else knows. Yes, at this day and age there are far too many people that crave fame and make up these kind of stories. But I fully believe with all that I am, that some of these people aren’t lying. There has to be people out there like me who actually want to know and are discovering things about the afterlife. If I were to explain all those people that I have found and what they do to learn about the afterlife, this post would be far too long. But there have been scientists who have done actual experiments to see if there really is a soul or conscienceness after death. There are people who have contacted spirits and learned from them what it is like in the after life and if there really is a god. 

That brings me to my final and most personal subject. Before you go on, know that I am not a devoted religious person but I do believe in some religious figures. Do i believe in Adam and Eve? Yes, but i dont think that they were banned from a garden that never existed or talked to a snake that lead them to sin. I believe that somehow there was a first man and a first woman. They learned how to reproduce and mankind was created. Do I believe in Jesus or Hail Mary? Not exactly. I believe that there is and was only one god. Stop and think for a minute. If religion was real, wouldnt that mean that all gods, in every religion is real? Wouldn’t that mean that only those who believe in an afterlife actually have one? No way. I think that there is one god that stands for every living, concscience thing on Earth. I believe in an afterlife and that whatever it may be, there is another realm for spirits that have passed and even evil spirits that have never lived in human form. 

Besides the point, I think there is one way to deal with all of this. Just live. Go on with your life and believe what you want to believe. We will all come to understand what happens after death when that time comes. Just because the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t really a light at all, dont give up on life! You experience emotions every day. You can find a true love, have great moments with friends, and achieve anything you work hard for. Death is the end of everything, but something has to start in order for it to end. Let that mean something to you. 

~Tyler On Paper


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